1986 – 2018

From a local contest to… a world event!

To host a triathlon, one needs… a water body!

The municipal pool « Piscine du Château » offered its space to the different organisers! It was built between 1968 and 1970 and opened to the public in May 1970.

 It was therefore possible to host a triathlon!

The three first editions took place in the end of the eighties:

  • The local FSG organised the first one in 1986; The bike part was run on road.
  • Three private individuals (one of them was the pool lifeguard) then organised an edition together with the sport-tourism-leisure local services: a specification was set and mountain bikes was preferred to bicycle due to the site’s topography.
  • The Tramelan Uni-hockey Club organised one edition.

 It was though the Reformed parish who host in 1992 what is considered as the First « official » edition of the Tramelan Triathlon; since 1994, it became a part of the Jura Championship for the discipline in the Elite, Junior and Senior categories. Youth competitions are organised within the 12th edition in 2003.

 A new team took control of the event in 2012: Wellness-Center and Intersport-Geiser Sports in Tramelan.

The Association Sportive Triathlon Tramelan (ASTT) was created in 2013. It adopts a constitution and takes over the organisation of the event; the Wellness-Center with Intersport-FLO become co-organisers.

 On the occasion of the 25th anniversary edition in 2016, the ASTT decides to host the Cross triathlon Swiss Championship besides the Jura Championship leg.

 In 2017… the ASTT adopts the ITU official sprint distances for triathlon and replaces mountain bike by bicycle; the youth categories races are composed of a duathlon. The bike-run transition is moved from the pool « Piscine du Château » to the sport centre « Les Lovières ».

 The ASTT also applied this same year for the organisation of a leg of the POWERMAN DUATHLON WOLRDS SERIES (PM) in Tramelan in 2018.

The International Powerman Association (IPA) gave a positive evaluation of the application form and assigned the organisation in 2018 and for three years of the POWERMAN DUATHLON TRAMELAN, classic distance, 10/60/10 to the ASTT.

Swiss Duathlon (SD) also entrusts the organisation of the first SWISS DUATHLON CHAMIONSHIP, classic distance, 10/60/10 to Tramelan in 2018.

 The will of the current leaders is to perpetuate the competitions in Tramelan with the following objectives:

  • Promote health and sport, in particular for young people and popular categories, through practising triathlon and duathlon.
  • Host and develop the annual triathlon, notably the leg assigned by the Triathlon Jura Championship.
  • Organise every competition regarding the sports promotion and the region promotion, in cooperation with the affected bodies.
  • Perpetuate the spirit of solidarity sought by the creators of the triathlon with a charity initiative in favour of a disabled person or a welfare association by offering a donation taken on the profits of the event.